How I Can Help You…?

It is clear to me, through my own experience as well as research, that one of the most important variables in successful counseling or therapy is the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship. It is also a well-established psychological principle that the way we feel, emotionally, arises from the way we think. Our feelings come from our thinking.

I can help you learn the A B C's of stress management and minimize dysfunctional feelings of anger, anxiety, depression and guilt. We can also explore how these obstacles to emotional well being contribute to and can actually increase problems with attention, decision making, oppositional behavior, procrastination, substance abuse and addictions.

You will also learn- and apply -the three main insights of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy:

  1. You mainly choose to upset yourself about the unpleasant events of your life.
  2. No matter how or when you acquired your irrational beliefs and self-defeating behavior, you now, choose to maintain them.
  3. There is no magical way for you to change! Basic personality change requires persistent work and practice-yes, work and practice.

What upsets people is not things themselves but their judgments about the things.

-EPICTETUS (ca. A.D. 50-130)