Who I Work With

I work with people of all ages.

Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy can be applied to many different situations and life circumstances. Thinking rationally can help all of us enjoy life more regardless of the problems that we encounter. Some people that I work with have faced severe trauma in their lives while others just want an objective opinion when faced with a difficult decision to make.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed or whether you are a teen with impulse control problems, I can help you develop the skills necessary for getting more enjoyment out of life.

I provide services to families, couples, individuals and groups.

Therapy and counseling can provide different kinds of help depending on your specific situation or problem. Counseling can be a relatively brief process where the counselor helps you sort out confusing thoughts and feelings. Or therapy may involve a more in-depth exploration of dysfunctional and irrational patterns of thinking and behaving. In either case an effective therapist can help you realize your full potential and peace of mind.

Not at all! Due to the hectic pace of daily life and the increased demands that we place on ourselves, many of us lose our way occasionally and find ourselves anxious, depressed or just not able to enjoy the moment. To seek professional help in developing effective coping skills is as natural as visiting your doctor for a broken bone or illness. Mental health counseling can be an invaluable addition to a better life.

Developing a relationship with a counselor is an important and personal decision. I have been very successful in establishing mutually rewarding, effective relationships with a wide variety of individuals. I will also refer you to another counselor or mental health professional if I think that our work together is not beneficial in pursuit of your long-term goals.

The duration of counseling or therapy usually depends on the severity of the presenting problem or issues being addressed as well as your commitment and determination. The focus of counseling is to enable you to assume full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behavior. We will know together when it's time to terminate therapy or you may just want to work on problems as they come up. Usually the best practice is to taper off gradually by reducing our time together.